Raw materials for productions will be choosen considering solicitation they will have to handle and the environment.
Between wires we can select carbon steels according to these norms:
  • EN 10270-1 grade SL-SM-SH for static springs, grade DM-DH for low dinamic springs; circular or square cross-section.
  • EN 10270-2 grade FD-TD-VD: Cromium-Silicon alloyed steel for high dinamic springs.
  • EN 10270-3 stainless steel for various corrosive environment or high temperature. Grades 1.4310 NS-HS; 1.4568; 1.4401; 1.4301 NS-HS; 1.4539; 1.4462.
  • EN 12166 for copper, bronze and brass wire.
A lot of springs are made up of flat wire (especially due to settlement demands) that is obtained from circular cross-section wire, mainly starting with a EN 10270-1 or 10270-3 and bronze material. Flat wire can have smoothed or sharp edge.
Passing to tape we can use material according to these norms:
  • EN 10132-4 for carbon steel tapes.
  • EN 10151 for stainless steel tapes.
  • EN 1652 for copper, brass and bronze tapes.
Special materials can be used like Titanium, InconelĀ®, MonelĀ® and others.