Co.El.’s philosophy is to be an ethical firm, which respect the rules of the market with transparency that take precedence.
This is testified by several action, like the care of the relationships of all his interlocutory:
      the employees have training opportunities and incentives;
      clients and suppliers receive transparency and fairness that keep turnover low.
In 1982 the company imposed itself not to sell springs for the weapons business or for any device thought for wound persons or animals. At that time the sector sells were the 25% of global turnover.
The company aims to do responsible and socially sustainable purchases, to respect the environment, maintaining safe working conditions, employees rights, condemning child labour.
Purchases are made in Italy and Europe, avoiding countries at risk.
Company safeguard the environment with proper policies about waste management and the use of green energy, according to the objective of ISO 14001 certification.
Fulfilling the Directive 2002/92/CE ROHS of European Parliament, Co.El. can supply products without lead, chromium VI, cadmium, mercury, and other toxic chemicals (i.e. PBB and PBDE).