CO.EL. is a dynamic and modern company, sensible to innovation and changes, that is specialized in springs and small metal parts production.

Co.El. customizes projects supplying technical consultancy with pre and after sale assistance to satisfy any client needs.
Because of a flexible structure and work organization Co.El. can produce any kind of springs, both in wire or tape, with materials and finishings chosen according to the working conditions and the attended performances.
Other distinguishing characteristics of the company are transparency, seriousness, competence, ethic and care of the relationships with the other players (clients, suppliers, partners, employees, community).



  • Customized consultancy and assistance (from project to after-sell).
  • Guarantees for the client also for the use of the product and after-selling.
  • The right material and finishing for your needs.
  • Flexible production (recent machineries with the possibility to make even small batch quantities or samples).
  • High quality control lab.